Three Great Pickin’ Options



Pre-picked berries are always on the table for purchase, or call ahead for pre-orders to be picked for you personally. Bernie’s Berries happily provides special orders forweddings, parties, bar mitzvahs and other special events. Call us at 336-852-1594 or email us today.

U-Pick-due to covid there is no public picking

Bring a bucket or we’ll give you one of ours. We‘ll show you to a great row to pick on and you can spend your day pickin’ away!


Just tell us how many berries you want then cop a squat and for a slight labor charge, we’ll pick’em for you


Just call us an hour before you want to pick up your berries and we’ll have ‘em picked and ready to go when you pull up!

We sell by the bucket and by the quart.

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About Our Farm

The Kenan Farm is a block of farmland that sits just off Groometown Road in Guilford County - a few miles outside Greensboro, NC. It has been in our family for nearly 60 years and for most all of those years, the land has harvested a variety of crops every spring, summer and fall.

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