Berry Care


Your berries will last at least 5-7 days by just following these simple steps:

  • Do NOT leave your berries in the car for any longer than absolutely necessary and make sure that on the drive home, you leave the air conditioner on. Always put your berries in the car with you and not in the trunk.
  • Refrigerate your berries as SOON as you get home. Put them in a SEALED container and leave them EXACTLY as you picked them… in other words, UNcapped, UNcut and UNwashed in the container.
  • Do NOT CAP, WASH or CUT your berries until just before you get ready to eat or use them.

Freezing Guidelines

  • Before freezing your berries, wash and cap them, sweeten as needed with a touch of sugar. Halve them and put into pint baggies or sealed containers for later use.
  • To freeze berries whole — place berries on a cookie sheet in the freezer and once frozen, put into a sealed container. This allows you to later take berries out individually.
  • Berries will have the best consistency if they are eaten just BEFORE being thawed completely.
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The Kenan Farm is a block of farmland that sits just off Groometown Road in Guilford County - a few miles outside Greensboro, NC. It has been in our family for nearly 60 years and for most all of those years, the land has harvested a variety of crops every spring, summer and fall.

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